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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I contact you? 

A: The easiest way to contact us is by filling out our contact form or by calling between the hours of

9 AM - 7 PM Pacific time. We receive this form immediately and will respond as quickly as possible.


  • Q: Can I place additional orders once I arrive at my vacation destination if I don't have access to a computer? 

A: We will accept your order for next day delivery as long as it is sent to us via email  and we will deliver your order between 9 AM and 2 PM the next day. If you do not have a computer with you, you can call us. 




  • Q: What is your delivery range? 

A: Know your order will be promptly taken care of and have it stocked in your hotel or residence prior to your arrival.


  • Q: Can I order the same day I want it delivered? 

A: Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept orders for same day delivery. We need to have time to pick out and deliver your grocery order thus enabling us to offer you the highest level of service.


  • Q: Do you have a delivery fee? 

A: Yes, within the area we serve, no matter where you live, delivery fees are based on the amount of groceries bought. There is $40.00 usd  minimum for Cabo and $150.00 usd for San Jose deliveries.





$600.01 and up=$50.00


  • Q: Do you only deliver to vacationers? 

A: No, we deliver to any customer who wants their groceries delivered at their door. 





  • Q: What if I am missing an item? 

A: If you are missing an ordered item please contact us immediately. We will locate the item and bring it to you as soon as possible. After 24 hours, we can no longer be responsible for missing items. 


We "triple check" all orders when they are picked up, packed and before they are delivered. It is extremely important for us to know if we made any mistakes so we can fix them immediately.


  • Q: There is a problem with my groceries, what should I do? 

A: We handle all customer complaints seriously. Please contact us immediately if you have any concerns about your groceries. Please understand you must contact us within 24 hours after your delivery if you have a concern about your groceries. We require you to contact us within 24 hours if you feel an item is missing. Our business rests entirely on delivering the highest quality of groceries in a timely manner so we always want to know if you are unhappy with your order.





  • Q: What types of payment do you accept? 

A: All orders will be charged through PayPal, if you do not have a PayPal account you can use any credit card to pay with no extra charge. The Paypal order form will ask for a shipping address, but of course we will be delivering to the hotel or villa that you direct us to in the email on the contact page. So you can use your mailing address if you choose.

  • Q: Can I change my order after it has been placed? 

A: If you wish to change an order, please contact us (prefer email:  for clarification purpose) with the items you would like to change (add or delete) at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery time. 


  • Q: How do I cancel an order? 

A: Canceling an order can be completed by contacting us (again email preferred) and stating your name, order number, and request for cancellation. Orders need to be cancelled 24 hours prior to your arrival date. If it is later than that a $20.00 cancellation fee will be incurred.






  • Q: Do you have a minimum order amount? 

A: Yes, our minimum order amount is $40. 


  • Q: How do I know my groceries are fresh? 

A: We check each item for an expiration or pull date to make sure that you are only receiving the best possible quality item.


  • Q: How do you select your groceries? 

A: Mercato Di Cabo employees focus quickly on picking only the groceries you select. Our employees understand the only way to keep customers pleased is providing them with the best groceries possible. 


  • Q: Where do your groceries come from? 

A: We currently shop at a number of grocery stores in the area. Our goal is to offer you a large selection of groceries. From customer service and prices to grocery quality and selection, the grocery stores we shop at must offer our customers a great selection.


  • Q: I want an item that is not in your list, what do I do? 

A: We will look into adding any groceries you suggest and do our best to acquire it for you. 


  • Q: Do you sell or trade my personal information? 

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! We value your privacy and ensure your information is protected and only used internally to improve your experience. Your information can only be accessed when you sign in or by request.


  • Q: Can I give you feedback/suggestions? 

A: Definitely! Your suggestions are what created our business, and your suggestions are what will make our business grow. We love to hear what you have to say about any facet of our business and encourage you to let us know any thought you have about Mercato Di Cabo. Send any comments, suggestions, or feedback to us. 

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